Have Fun Learning about Quality and Lean

Quality Training in 3D on your Mobile, PC or Internet

Q-Skills3D is a self paced training product. Q-Skills3D teaches Continuous Improvement concepts, tools and techniques by allowing students to have FUN as they learn, in Continuous Improvement, Business Improvement, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and Professor Deming based programs. A combination of interactive 3D games, puzzles, simulations and exercises creates an entertaining and engaging environment.

Ship game, histograms

The picture above shows a 3D game which teaches the use of histograms and control charts. It is based on true story from history. The student is asked to find how a process improvement a century ago, dramatically improved the quality of shooting in rolling seas. This game teaches everything from reducing variation to the meaning of World Class Quality. Games make the data more meaningful to the student.

The snakes and ladders image shows the mastery test. This game was developed in India 500 years ago as training tool. The game makes the test less intimidating.

Mobile device via the Apple and Google App stores, network, internet in your PC browser and stand alone PC operation are supported.

Employees work at their own pace learning how to use and apply techniques from 5S; 8 Waste; VOC; TAKT time; Value Stream Mapping; Process Mapping; Poka Yoke; Brainstorming; Cause and Effect; run and bar charts; scattergrams; check sheets; Flowcharting; Pareto charts; pie charts; to histograms and control charts.

Q-Skills3D can be used by anyone, from any industry. Q-Skills3D makes things easy for the administrator too, with comprehensive reporting. Q-Skills3D cuts off-the-job time. It enables "slow" time be more effectively utilised. Large numbers of employees can be trained rapidly and consistently.

Q-Skills3D may be used for introductory training, for review or to re-invigorate existing programs. Q-Skills3D facilitates training of new employees by avoiding the need to wait for a group. Q-Skills is a fraction of the cost of classroom training and takes half the time.

Mastery test

Histogram introduction
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Q-Skills3D is unique in being the world's first training product to bring an exciting 3D training environment to the palm of learners' hands.

Dr. Jane Mahoney (Florida Power & Light): "May I thank you for the wonderful contribution that you've made to quality training here. We're all enjoying the mythical quality of the software content, and the humor that's embedded in the most unexpected places. It's clear that you've put much of yourselves into this software design, giving it much depth and texture. "

Error in mastery test.

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