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Quality Training on your PC or Intranet

Q-Skills3D Information Contact

For further information, please contact:
Dr Tony Burns:

Hewlett Packard (Teresa Hess - Educational Tech Coordinator)
"Really a fabulous product. I congratulate you."
"Makes it real easy for us as administrators to get feedback."
"Extremely easy to use. From a manufacturing point of view, it's great. A portion of the crew can use the software while the others keep the regular work going ahead. Putting people in a classroom stops the whole crew - no production."

Cargil (Mike Langridge)
"We 'hired' Q-Skills as an on-line facilitator in our improvement process. We have found that continuous coaching of our improvement teams is necessary. It acts as an on-the-spot coach that calms the fears of first time users and brings confidence to the old hands. "

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