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Green and Yellow Belt Training

Q-Skills3D is an essential component of any quality training program. It is based on the principles laid down by the world's leaders in quality and Lean: Professor Deming, Dr Taguchi, Dr Shewhart, Dr Wheeler and Dr Womack. While Q-Skills has been used as part of Six Sigma programs, we avoid the well documented errors, misconceptions, fallacies and nonsensical foundations of six sigma as described in the articles below.

Dr Wheeler, the world's greatest process statistician, calls Six Sigma "goofy". Dr Harry, psychologist, creator of Six Sigma, says it was never intended for process improvement. Mr Bill Smith, engineer, Six Sigma's "father", was a strong advocate of Professor Deming. Mr Smith advised following Professor Deming's principles: "His now famous "14 points of management" when followed, appear to move organizations towards prosperity."

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