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Quality Training on your PC or Intranet

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Six Sigma Green and Yellow Belt Training

Q-Skills is an essential component of any six sigma training program. Most importantly, Q-Skills avoids the well documented errors, misconceptions, fallacies and nonsensical foundations of six sigma theory as described in the following two articles : Six Sigma - Lessons from Deming

Q-Skills ensures that your six sigma program will be accurate and free from the common six sigma errors. Q-Skills is designed to train people in the successful use of the six sigma problem solving tools. Q-Skills focusses on the most common and practical tools, which have been shown to provide the greatest productivity gains and cost savings. Q-Skills may be run on networks or intranet.

Q-Skills includes an interactive DMAIC module that helps guide teams in the correct use of tools and provides access to appropriate training and tools as teams need it.

Q-Skills online six sigma training provides a cost-effective way to give all your employees and managers core six sigma training, in a consistent and motivating manner. It makes life easy for your project leaders by ensuring that all team members have a good understanding of the quality tools they need to use prior to joining their Six Sigma Team.

Additional benefits of using Q-Skills include:

  • Your six sigma training costs are reduced. Q-Skills is available on demand. It teaches your people the Problem Solving Tools in half the time taken by conventional training.
  • Q-Skills integrates with your Learning Management System (LMS), making it easy to monitor six sigma training activity.
  • Once a user has completed the six sigma training, Q-Skills' toolkit includes a unique and easy to use, Brainstormer / Cause & Effect Diagramming tool.

Q-Skills suits all industries, as you can see from our diverse user base: Microsoft, GE, The City of Sunnyvale, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Florida Power & Light, Hewlett-Packard, Nations Bank and IRS, plus hundreds more.

For More Information on Q-Skills Six Sigma Training:

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